2020 Christmas Letter

Dear Happy Campers,

What a year it has been!

At the start of 2020, Darren and Anne were plugging away as usual, processing service requests, ordering parts, filming, editing, and uploading YouTube videos, working on new business ideas, and doing their best to make ‘Happy Campers’!

When Covid hit, as we all know, things changed!

Darren and Anne took a break to step back and evaluate the situation to determine how best to move forward. With a halt in on-site requests, they got their thinking caps on and Darren began a new service—remote troubleshooting!

With familiarity of one’s RV and a general ability to be ‘handy’, Darren was able to assist customers in troubleshooting, diagnosing, and making repairs to their RV systems! This remote troubleshooting option has provided a way for people who are outside of our service area to receive service, in addition to being an option for those within our service area and is becoming a popular option for service. We hope it continues to grow!

After a 6 week break, Darren determined that it was time to get back into the field. Armed with a mask and plenty of RV tools, he went back to work in-style!

In July, with requests for service increasing (and an ever-expanding list of new ideas, in addition to the start of a new company!), Darren began to realize that this small mobile RV repair business was growing and needing additional team members!

Anne and Tricia connected when the Koepps put in an offer on a property for sale, and soon after Anne and Darren asked Tricia to join the team! In July, Tricia began processing service requests, scheduling the service calendar, and taking over customer communication.

Our hope is that with additional team members, Darren will be able to spend more time fulfilling service requests, filming/uploading YouTube videos, and working on our newest business venture, T3Interface! And with our latest search for a parts and warranty team member, we hope to be able to home in each team member with their particular interest and skill set and make My RV Works and T3Interface even better!

Ultimately, these changes are being made to better serve our customers, and we hope they will!

On a more personal level, we know that this year has been full of changes for everyone, with the arrival of Covid. All of our lives have been touched by it and the changes it continues to bring. Our thoughts and prayers are with each one of you as we get the opportunity to meet and interact with you. We have met many people who have either had a family member, or even themselves, sick with Covid. We know many that have been
touched economically, as well as the changes to our social activities and interactions and even daily living activities like grocery shopping. We want you to know that when you fill out a service request, you are not just a ‘customer’ – you are a part of our ‘My RV Works’ family! We do care for you!

As for us over here at My RV Works, we hope that our service to you will continue to remain personal, charitable, and done with excellence. We live by the promise that God is good, he is faithful, and that he has promised for all those in Christ Jesus, that he will make all things good, and all things right. We hope you will, too!

Here’s to another year of service!

The My RV Works Team
Darren & Anne Koepp
Tricia Vandiver

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  1. How do we sign up for the remote troubleshooting? Live in Alabama and have watched your videos.

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