Spring Cleaning for your RV

Inside Tip: RV Tech/Darren Koepp

It’s spring time, and along with your spring cleaning, now is a good time to do your annual maintenance and check the systems on your RV—preventative Maintenance on your RV
investment is sure to make you a happier camper in the long run!

Regardless of what type of RV you have, the following items should be addressed regularly:

  • Check and fill battery fluid level with distilled water, evaluate charge holding capability.
  • Clean Battery Corrosion and Apply Anti-Corrosion Compound.
  • Check 12 VDC Converter for proper operation.
  • Check 120 VAC Inverter/charger for proper operation and settings.
  • Check and Fill Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir.
  • Check safety equipment operation and date code: Fire Extinguisher, LPG Alarm, Smoke Alarm, CO² Alarm and Emergency Escape Window(s).
  • Check and adjust LPG pressure to 11″ W.C. Spec.
  • Check DOT cylinder certification date, DOT mounting bracket and auto changeover operation.
  • Check auto leveling system for proper operation in auto-level and travel modes.
  • Check Slide-Rooms for extend and retract operation. Inspect wiper and ‘D’ seals.
  • Check Roof Membrane and Sealant. Test vents and antenna for proper operation.
  • Check Electrical Wiring – Inspect Shore Cord, Torque Screws in Breaker Panel, Check Fuses and Test GFCI.
  • Check Fresh Water Plumbing System – Operate water pump, sink fixtures, evaluate water flow, exercise toilet valve. Add toilet seal conditioner to toilet bowl.
  • Water Heater Function Test – AC and LPG/Gas Operation, Pressure and Temp valve operation.
  • Water Heater Back-Flush sediment from tank and re-tap drain threads.
  • Check Air Conditioner – Inspect Evaporator and Condenser Coil, Inspect Air Divider, Inspect Ducts, Torque Mounting Screws. Record Supply: Return Temperature Differential.
  • Check Refrigerator – Test operation on LPG and 120VAC. Check ventilation of cooling unit for proper instillation.
  • Check Furnace and Oven/Range for proper operation.
  • Tighten cabinet/drawer handles, test door catches and locks. Test curtains and blinds. Lubricate folding steps.
  • Operate Awning (manual/electric) and set up in camp mode. Retract for travel mode. Inspect all attachment fixtures, fittings, latches, arms and fabric.

We’re here to help you if Preventative Maintenance is not in your comfort zone, or you want to ensure it’s being checked by an experienced, certified RV technician. At only $30 per service (minimum 4), this is a great value! Submit a service request using this link: https://myrvworks.com/submit-service-request/.

You can download annual service worksheets on our website as well: https://myrvworks.com/resources/annual-service-worksheets/

Wishing you an enjoyable spring.

-Darren K

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  1. Just finished Aquahot class online for the D250. I work for Amtrak and retiring next year. Then I’m starting my new business in Idaho, Mobil Aquahot service. Found you on YouTube yesterday, by far the best I have seen, thank you for the great mentoring.

  2. Hey Daren! Thanks for writing this checklist. I want to ask what the preventive measures are to completely switch off the solar panels before leaving the RV to sit for a longer period of time.

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