RV Warranty/Extended Service Claim Work Flow Process

As I was reflecting on the state-of-the-business from 2015; I considered the pain points and the things I could do to make those areas flow better. One of the areas I wanted to clean up was how we process our warranty and extended service claims. I reached back to my system engineering days and prepared a work flow-diagram that clearly defines each step in the order they need to be performed.

If you contact us to process your warranty or extended service claim, I will send you the attached flow diagram so you can better understand how we proceed through your claim.   I broke it down into 10 steps with notes. Whether you choose us to perform your warranty claim or another shop these steps will essentially be the same.

I have found that many folks do not realize how many steps, and how much time, is required to make a repair under a warranty or service claim. Hopefully this flow diagram will help.

Click the link for the PDF document…

Warranty Claim Work Flow