My Favorite Things to Fix on an RV

These are just some of my favorite things to fix on an RV…

  • RV Electrical systems:  This area alone covers about 80% of most RV issues. I am fluent in Ohms, Watts, Resistance, Volts, Joules, Amps, Ah, RC and CCA.
    • AC and DC electrical systems
    • There are three separate electrical systems on an RV (Chassis 12 VDC, House 12 VDC and 120 VAC) each with its own personality and temperament.  I can be their therapist and get them behaving correctly.
    • Batteries, converters (chargers), inverters and solar controllers.
    • Any appliances that may have come with your RV or you have added.
    • Hydraulic Systems have many electrical components involved in their operation.
  • Satellite Installs:
    • The Dish and DirecTV installers are not allowed to climb on top of your RV to install a satellite dish, per company policy.  They also cannot drill any holes for ingress of the wires.  Call me to get that done.
    • Satellite dishes made for the RV market are different than the dishes made for your home and not all receivers are compatible with these dishes.  I will help you make sense of it all.
    • How many satellite installers provide a service loop on the roof when they install the satellite dish?  I do!  My wire runs are clean and neat with evenly spaced cable clamps.  Each install is a work of art on your RV roof.
    • I can map, label and perform induction tests on all the coax wires that route all over your coach. This will ensure you are getting a good video signal to all your TV’s.
  • TV and A/V upgrades:   There is nothing like a big screen TV with Blu-ray and a surround sound system when you are out camping!  Popcorn anyone?  New TV does not fit where you want it?  Tired of bumping your head on the OEM TV cabinet at the entrance of your diesel pusher?  I have invested in the wood craft tools to create a custom A/V cabinet to compliment your rig – right down to the router profile and stain treatment to compliment your existing cabinets.
  • Appliances:  Below is a short list of the appliances I am able to diagnose and repair.  Parts may be required for some of these repairs to be made.  I stock many common items and/or can get them in short order.
    • Water heaters
    • Furnaces
    • A/C’s
    • Refrigerators
    • Stoves
    • Ovens (gas and convection)
  • Slide Rooms of all types should function well and I am happy to align, lubricate, troubleshoot and repair all of your slide room systems.
  • Leveling Systems that will not retract or that act slowly could all benefit from my TLC (Technical Level of Confidence)
  • Hydronic Heating Systems (AquaHot, Hurricane and Oasis)
    • These systems require once-a-year maintenance and cleaning; more often if full-timing in your rig.  Let me get dirty and smell like diesel for you by keeping your showers hot and your winters warm and snuggly in your coach.
  • Extreme RV Makeover  (dreaming, planning, fabricating and installing)
    • Want to relocate your bathroom?  Change your shower to a bathtub?  Add an island in your kitchen?  Add a closet for a washer/dryer including the plumbing and electrical?  Install a radiant heated floor? I have done these things and many more in my personal extreme RV makeover and others as well.  If you can dream it, I can build it!

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